Robin Plotkin, RD, LD,  is a multifaceted communicator, registered dietitian, and culinary nutritionist who brings extensive food industry insight to the table. Robin’s practical kitchen knowledge and passion for food, cooking, and retail markets have helped her deliver exceptional results for commodities and companies the likes of Welch’s, California Strawberries, Campbell’s, ALDI, Daisy Brand, Metamucil, and more.

As a credible, knowledgeable, and connected food and nutrition expert, Robin’s become a go-to source for media, frequently quoted by reporters. She’s been cited in such publications as Huffington Post, US News, Health Magazine, USA Today, Prevention Magazine, Today’s Dietitian, and Woman’s Day.

From representing brands at trade shows, exhibits, cooking classes, and industry events, to helping companies better understand consumer behavior and trends as they relate to health, wellness, and retail, Robin’s been a trusted culinary communications professional for 15 years.