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  • ESPN publicity cover story on action sports
  • Joe Maloof on Bloomberg talking Maloof Money Cup, Maloof Skateboarding for Hope, Palms Casino in Las Vegas and Sacramento Kings NBS News
  • Sample LA Market Media Publicity Earned for Events

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  • ROI on PR for one year, alone, was 15,000%+.
  • 15 BILLION+ total media audience
  • $18 MILLION total media value
  • 9000+ press placements -- over a 5 month period
  • The press for Maloof Skateboarding elevated the Maloof family name, with features in WSJ, NY Times, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business, LA Times, Bloomberg TV and Radio, CNN, Larry King Live, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, Yahoo! Sports, NY Times Sports, USA Today Action Sports, two-page spread in ESPN the Magazine Best in Sports issue and literally thousands more!


Jennifer at Modern managed media relations for five Maloof Money Cup competitions across the U.S., the launch of Maloof Skateboarding Global Initiative, Skateboarding for Hope in South Africa (partnering with Active Rideshops), Magic Tradeshow Ollie Contests, and many other projects.

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