modern: PR reinvented

modern's m.o.

Founded by a 20-year PR vet and social media strategist to meet today’s modern business needs with smart, relevant, strategic PR.

  • We don’t do cookie cutter. We believe in a flexible scope of work that’s designed around what you need to help your business grow.

  • Whether it’s media, social media, digital, creative, influencer, community, even strategic partnerships -- we’ve got you covered.

  • We’re team players. We truly operate as an extension of your team. We treat your business like it’s our own.

  • We’re scrappy. We’re focused. We’re relentless. We respect your budget and will help you get every ounce of ROI out of it.

  • We measure everything. We’re creative types who also like to roll up our sleeves and dig into analytics.


why modern?

  • TRUSTED BY MAJOR BRANDS: The biggest brands in the world have trusted our team to grow their business

  • RELENTLESS: Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company, start-ups or nonprofits -- we’re relentless in securing unmatched results

  • LEADERSHIP: We’re strategic counselors who always look out for your best interest. We’re big thinkers who always challenge ourselves to think beyond the box, while always maintaining a keen eye on the details

  • BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE: Led integrated PR and social media programs that drove record-breaking sales. We go well beyond a stack of media clips or a legion of fans and followers.  We deliver results that build you business and boost your bottom line

  • NATIONAL MEDIA: Secured publicity on every client’s wish-list, from Wall Street Journal, USA Today and NY Times, to People Magazine, TMZ, CNN, CNBC, InStyle, Us Weekly and hundreds more.

  • MAJOR SOCIAL GROWTH: Executed high-profile consumer social media campaigns that boosted brand visibility, increased engagement and tripled fans/followers

  • CREATIVE / INNOVATIVE: Creative, innovative and relevant communications campaigns that meet and exceed your goals

  • HIGH PROFILE: We've skillfully managed everything from high-profile, nationally televised events to producing high-visibility red carpets and premieres with some of the biggest names in entertainment

  • INFLUENCERS: We've l community relations initiatives for multimillion-dollar political campaigns. We've Strategically leveraged online influencers for effective brand endorsements

  • INSIGHT: As former journalists, we've been on the receiving end of PR pitches. We have unparalleled insight into what it takes to turn a pitch into a published feature or positive product review